Saturday, July 22, 2006

Oh the price of Beer!!!

It appears the price of local beer is getting out of reach of the average person:

TRADITIONAL Aussie beer drinkers are being hit with massive price rises on their favourite local brews so brewing companies can subsidise imported boutique ales.

New research shows the big liquor companies have dished out huge price increases for mainstream beers like VB, Carlton Draught and Tooheys in recent years.

....Liquor retailers yesterday accused big brewers Foster's and Lion Nathan of inflating ordinary beer prices to make up for narrowing margins in the boutique/premium market.

"I suspect they probably are. We suspect that it's true," one senior industry insider said. "We just don't have the evidence."

But of course if beer is getting out of your price range you can always make the most of the wine glut:

WINE selling for just $2 a bottle has been greeted with cheers by drinkers, who happily deride it as "two-buck chuck".

Yeah cheap wine and a 3 day growth sounds fine to me!!!

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