Thursday, December 20, 2007

More from Las Vegas

Hi there - we have arrived in San Francisco on our final leg of our US holiday. We have had such a wonderful time, but I have already fallen in love with San Francisco. It is such a wonderful place and we still have 4 nights here.

But for your enjoyment some more photos from our trip:

Taken at Universal Studios overlooking the San Fernando Valley.

At Seaworld San Diego.

The Riviera Hotel/Casino.

The Bellagio.
Fremont St Downtown Las Vegas - the Fremont Street experience is fantastic!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An update from Las Vegas

Hi all - we have quickly acquainted ourselves with the Las Vegas sleeping pattern - sleep till about 9.30am and stay up till midnight. There is sooooo much to see in this place. So a quick update - we spent a couple of nights in San Diego - went to Sea World, spent an afternoon on the Midway Aircraft Carrier and had dinner at the Cafe from the Top Gun movie. We then flew into Las Vegas and boy what an eye opener this place is. Most definitely a place everyone should visit before they die. Everything here is soooooo bigggggg and bright - all day and all night!! Here are some photos - oh yes and of course we renewed our vows with Elvis - such a laugh!! You know they could save the ozone layer by turning the lights off in Vegas once a week - but that would be no fun! More bright lights I say!!

Driving to San Diego!

Arriving at Las Vegas airport - yes they are pokies in the airport!!
View from our room.
In front of the Bellagio
Bright lights of Paris?
The Bellagio
Our Hotel Circus Circus
Everything is big and bright!

Yep that's us in our Elvis glasses!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hooray for Hollywood and Will Smith!!

Well we just got into Hollywood at about 11am, the concierge at the Hotel told us that Will Smith was putting his hands and feet in a star for the Walk Of Fame. So we walked down there (about a 5 minute walk) and as we got there Will turned up!!
We were so excited - well I was anyway. We waited he did the Hollywood thing, put his hands and feet in the star, obligatory interviews and he came across the road. Nito got to shake his hand and get his autograph. And Tom Cruise was in the audience, got to see him, but didn't get any photos of him! But I can't believe it - oh my god I love this place!!!

The HOLLYWOOD sign in the distance.

Will Smith!

Will again!

And again!

We are off on a tour this afternoon - stars homes, Rodeo Drive etc etc - will update more later tonight!

Hooray for Hollywood!!!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Sunday - our final day in Disneyland

Well today marks our final trip to Disneyland and California Adventure - we have had a great week, here in Anaheim. The Hotel has been great, the hockey, the food, the people and of course having 5 days in the happiest place on Earth has been the best. We move on to Hollywood for the next 2 days - looking forward to a less hectic pace for the next couple of weeks. Our final photos from Disneyland and California Adventure:

Started the day with a High School Musical.

Then an Aladdin Stage Show.

A hug from Sully.

Some drawing lessons.

And of course a visit to Disneyland isn't complete without a boat trip through A Small World.

Until next time Mickey - thanks for a great week!!

Definitely is the happiest place on Earth, where all your dreams can come true!!

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A lazy day in LA

Our day today. Slept in till about 10.30am - boy did we need it! Had a quick breakfast of cereal, walked to Downtown Disney and did some gift shopping, had lunch at the ESPN Zone - great meal and great atmosphere, built a bear, it got dark, rainy and gloomy, we went back to the hotel, caught up with some friends for a great meal at Chilis - check out our pictures for today.

Gift shopping at the World of Disney in Downtown.

Lunch at the ESPN Zone.
Building a bear (or a reindeer in our case).
Giving Miami the reindeer it's heart.
Dark and gloomy on the way back to the Hotel.
Dinner at Chilis - yum!
After dinner back at the Hotel - me and Skaterboy.
Nito and Ballerina.

Ready for another day at Disneyland tomorrow!!

Photo Hunters #36 - Long

It was a long flight from Australia

to LA!

But we are having a great time!!

Some more photos from Anaheim - Disneyland & California Adventure

Friday was a bit wet, but still a great day. The girls did their last dance at Disneyland - so now we can sleep in yeah!! Disneyland is open till Midnight on Fridays so we had a long day and night. We started the day at California Adventure - the girls doing their last show. After that we went shopping to the Anaheim Market - which we found a bit disappointing, but made our way to the Block after that (similar to Harbour Town - but without the outlet shops - if that makes sense). Did a bit of shopping there - caught a cab back to the Hotel - in time to make our way to the Rainforest Cafe for an early dinner. Great restaurant - made up like a jungle - very lifelike with animals hanging from trees, the odd storm comes in every now and then. Then we made our way back to California Adventure until 9pm then over to Disneyland. Watched the Fantasmic show over the river - great show - then made our way back to the Hotel to drop into bed. Here's some photos from Friday:

Waiting for California Adventure to open.

A group shot with Stitch.

Waiting for the show to begin - and yes it's cold. The girls on stage.
Ballerina singing.

Ballerina and Skaterboy at the Hotel.
A big can of Fosters!
Ballerina at the Rainforest Cafe. Waiting for the Fantasmic Show.
The show begins.

After the show we strolled home past the beautiful Fantasy Castle!
And who should be bump into? Pluto!
And Minnie!