Wednesday, December 19, 2007

An update from Las Vegas

Hi all - we have quickly acquainted ourselves with the Las Vegas sleeping pattern - sleep till about 9.30am and stay up till midnight. There is sooooo much to see in this place. So a quick update - we spent a couple of nights in San Diego - went to Sea World, spent an afternoon on the Midway Aircraft Carrier and had dinner at the Cafe from the Top Gun movie. We then flew into Las Vegas and boy what an eye opener this place is. Most definitely a place everyone should visit before they die. Everything here is soooooo bigggggg and bright - all day and all night!! Here are some photos - oh yes and of course we renewed our vows with Elvis - such a laugh!! You know they could save the ozone layer by turning the lights off in Vegas once a week - but that would be no fun! More bright lights I say!!

Driving to San Diego!

Arriving at Las Vegas airport - yes they are pokies in the airport!!
View from our room.
In front of the Bellagio
Bright lights of Paris?
The Bellagio
Our Hotel Circus Circus
Everything is big and bright!

Yep that's us in our Elvis glasses!

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