Sunday, December 09, 2007

A lazy day in LA

Our day today. Slept in till about 10.30am - boy did we need it! Had a quick breakfast of cereal, walked to Downtown Disney and did some gift shopping, had lunch at the ESPN Zone - great meal and great atmosphere, built a bear, it got dark, rainy and gloomy, we went back to the hotel, caught up with some friends for a great meal at Chilis - check out our pictures for today.

Gift shopping at the World of Disney in Downtown.

Lunch at the ESPN Zone.
Building a bear (or a reindeer in our case).
Giving Miami the reindeer it's heart.
Dark and gloomy on the way back to the Hotel.
Dinner at Chilis - yum!
After dinner back at the Hotel - me and Skaterboy.
Nito and Ballerina.

Ready for another day at Disneyland tomorrow!!

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