Sunday, December 09, 2007

Some more photos from Anaheim - Disneyland & California Adventure

Friday was a bit wet, but still a great day. The girls did their last dance at Disneyland - so now we can sleep in yeah!! Disneyland is open till Midnight on Fridays so we had a long day and night. We started the day at California Adventure - the girls doing their last show. After that we went shopping to the Anaheim Market - which we found a bit disappointing, but made our way to the Block after that (similar to Harbour Town - but without the outlet shops - if that makes sense). Did a bit of shopping there - caught a cab back to the Hotel - in time to make our way to the Rainforest Cafe for an early dinner. Great restaurant - made up like a jungle - very lifelike with animals hanging from trees, the odd storm comes in every now and then. Then we made our way back to California Adventure until 9pm then over to Disneyland. Watched the Fantasmic show over the river - great show - then made our way back to the Hotel to drop into bed. Here's some photos from Friday:

Waiting for California Adventure to open.

A group shot with Stitch.

Waiting for the show to begin - and yes it's cold. The girls on stage.
Ballerina singing.

Ballerina and Skaterboy at the Hotel.
A big can of Fosters!
Ballerina at the Rainforest Cafe. Waiting for the Fantasmic Show.
The show begins.

After the show we strolled home past the beautiful Fantasy Castle!
And who should be bump into? Pluto!
And Minnie!

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