Saturday, September 15, 2007

Party Time - Supermodel

As you know our Ballerina celebrated her 13th Birthday on 4/9/07, however she had her Birthday Party on 9/9/07. She celebrated in style with a Supermodel Party and a very lovely Chanel logo cake.

The party was lot's of fun. The girls had their hair and makeup (very lightly) done, had a photo shoot, a strut down the catwalk and a bit of video work. All light hearted, healthy and loads of laughs:

It was a fun day!!

Happy Birthday to me

During the week I celebrated my Birthday. And what a lovely day it was. I had a wonderful day at work, where my colleagues organised a cake and sang a great rendition of 'happy birthday'. I then received the most beautiful bunch of flowers from the love of my life and soul mate - Nito.

When I got home my two adorable kids had cleaned the house and cooked me dinner. I truly am blessed to have such a beautiful family. I received many phone calls from family and friends. I love them all!!

Photo Hunters #28 - Plastic

Lots of plastic at this waterpark. Lots of fun too.

Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Birthday Nan

Happy Birthday Nan we love you and wish we could be there with you. Enjoy your day - we are thinking of you!!!

What Is A Grandmother

A grandmother is a remarkable woman.
She’s a wonderful combination of
warmth and kindness, laughter and love.
She overlooks our faults, encourages our dreams,
and praises our every success.

A grandmother has the wisdom of a teacher,
the sincerity of a true friend,
and the tenderness of a mother.
She’s someone we admire, respect and
love very much.

A grandmother will always have a cherished
place in our memories and in our hearts.
She’s someone for whom we want every happiness
in return for the joy she always brings.

A grandmother is all the dear and precious
things in life...
When she’s a grandmother like you

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Photo Hunters #27 - Music

Both our kids are very musical and can sing, dance and play instruments. In fact Skaterboy has made a demo CD with a band that he was with, unforunately (or maybe not), I can't understand a word they are screaming. Anyways Skaterboy can play the drums really well and he used to play the trombone and he has also taught himself how to play the guitar. Ballerina can sing, dance, play the violin, clarinet, guitar and drums (guitar and drums still really learning). Music plays a big part in all our lives, generally on a weekend we have friends around have a couple of drinks and listen to all sorts of music from way back when to todays stuff - we love it. Enough talk - here are our photos:

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Our Ballerina is a Teenager - Happy Birthday

Our beautiful girl has turned 13 - how time has flown by!! We love you so much and we are so proud of you as you have grown into a wonderful person!

Once the goodness of Someone Special
reaches out and touches your heart,
your life is changed forever…

Each day becomes a blessing
filled with hope anew, wide-eyed wonder,
and the sincere desire to share a little kindness.
You look for, and find, the good
in every one and every thing.
You keep the faith;
and wholly trust in your dreams of tomorrow.

I want you to know how fortunate
we feel to have you in our life.
You have brought such happiness to our hearts,
and a rainbow of love that will forever
color our world with joy.

Thank you for being the wonderful person you are;
and for making such a beautiful difference in our lives.

Our lives changed forever the day you were born and you, our little girl, changed the way we viewed the world. To protect you, guide you and watch you grow became our focus and will remain so forever.

As a family we are forever together and we will be here for you and Skaterboy forever, you are both our pride and joy - forever our lives changed for the better.

Your hopes and dreams are there for you to reach. We will always support and love you and help you reach your goals and dreams. Follow your own rainbow, be proud and strong, be you and only you. You can achieve and be whatever you want, remember where you came from and always be true to yourself.

On a night in September
when the stars were out
our daughter was born
I kissed the heavens for giving us
an angel of our own
She was so beauitful and loved
I could hear all the angels
play music from above
as my tears washed away my pain
We have an angel of our own
We will always remember this gift of love
God makes beautiful things
out of caring and kindness
We will help you to remember
how to open your wings and fly
to bring happiness and never ask why
We are blessed with an angel of our own

We love you forever - grow and spread your wings, seize every moment, have compassion and strength of character - remember right from wrong and always follow your dreams - you are and always will be our precious doll.

Love Dad, Mum and Skaterboy

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Fathers Day

To my Dad - Have a great day, we are thinking of you and it won't be too long before you're up here relaxing around the pool!! Enjoy your day - we love you.

From us all

And to our Dad Nito - who is home with us today, Happy Fathers Day - we love you and are glad that you can be home this year for Fathers Day.

You are the best DAD in the world - and we love you heaps

Ballerina and Skaterboy

To Grandpa - have a wonderful day we love you heaps!! Enjoy your Day.

Enjoy your day!!