Saturday, December 08, 2007

It's Friday Day 5 in Anaheim

OK another quick update - what have we been doing the last couple of days? Well they have been long - most nights not getting in till about 10.30pm and up early each day to go back to Disneyland!! Can you ever get Disneyed out? I don't think so!! Between Disneyland and California Adventure we are having a great time. Yesterday we spent most of the Day at California Adventure - Oh wow we went on the Hollywood Tower ride, the California Screamer and many others, but those 2 were the most fun - Hollywood Tower similar to the Giant Drop in Dreamworld, but much better and the California Screamer a Roller Coaster - the best you'll ever go on!! Lots of laughs and fun was had by all. Ballerina has another dance today, but alas it is raining, so the show may be cancelled - fingers crossed the rain stops for 1/2 hour or so. Anyway the photos below should show how much fun we are having!!

Here we are in California Adventure!

A Bugs life in California Adventure
That's the Screamer and you go around Mickeys head - yes upside down and I did it!!
A bit of surfin' fun
Hollywood Tower Hotel - a great ride - inside of course!

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