Monday, February 19, 2007

House update 5

Well it has been a few weeks since I have provided an update on the building of our house. The builders went off site while the pool was being dug. We then had a bit of rain, but now we seem to be back on track. Here are a few pictures:

Below is the frame - it is beginning to look like a house now.

As of today the gutters are around the roof. The insulation wrap is around the house and the windows are in place.

Looking from the front of the house - our bedroom has French doors (although I am querying the contract, because I thought we had organised for the glass to be spotswood not clear). The 2 windows on the left are in the study.

Looking from the block next door over the pool into one bedroom (left), family room (centre) and dining room (right).

Looking from the Family room out to the pergola area (under main roof) and out to the pool.

From block next door looking towards the front - dining room (centre), garage sliding door (right).

So it is finally coming together, although it will still be a couple of months before we can move in. Hopefully the roof will go on by the end of the week and then it will be bricked up.

Have a great week.

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kooky kay said...

Wow! Seems like a really huge house. I am so envious. I can never have my own dream house or maybe I can but it will be about 15 years from now.