Friday, March 28, 2008

A Prayer

This was emailed me to me and I thought it would be nice to share:

When I go walking in the morning before there’s anyone else around
I hear and see the little birds, and I see dew upon the ground
I see flowers before they open, I see “something” over there
It’s a time of day I really love, and I say a silent prayer

When I’m sitting at the table with my family, far a meal
It is far from being a quiet time, with the little ones’ raucous squeal
The teenagers are rowdy too, but it’s a time I love to share
For my family is my treasure, and I say a little prayer.

As I’m driving down the road, I’m sometimes driving among fools
Who drive too fast, weave in and out, and disobey the rules
Who force their way through traffic, and don’t seem to have a care
I hope they don’t hurt anyone, and I say another prayer

I’ve sometimes struggled with a problem, when something won’t work out
Known I had ability to solve it, but still had this nagging doubt
I know some people won’t believe me, but it is true, I swear
The answers seem so simple, once I’ve asked for help in prayer

There’ve been times when at the footy – and I admit that I’m one-eyed
When I’ve thought of asking for some help for our poor, struggling side
A prayer is pretty tempting, when the other side’s a threat
Though I must admit I have come close, I haven’t done it yet.

I look at problems of our world and the troubles that are faced
And at some in public office, who I’m sure are poorly placed
At solutions that seem obvious, but they just are not aware
And I guess at times like this as well, I think of them in prayer.

Before I go to sleep at night I reflect upon my day
I look at what I’ve done with my family, work, and play
Each and every day’s a bonus, since my heart gave me a scare
There is no way I’ll forget that, and I say a fervent prayer.

There’s not too much that happens in my world that I’m not thankful for
My community, my family, home, and work, and friends, and more
Yes, my life is pretty peaceful, though I don’t need to compare
But I thank the one who guides me, and I say a little prayer

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