Sunday, November 16, 2008

Dance Concert Gotta Dance 2008!

Our annual dance concert was held last night. What a blast!! Our beautiful Ballerina did a wonderful job and me, well I had fun - didn't get all the steps right, but like I said I had loads of fun!!

Ballerina as Annie

Ballerina in Cats

Myself and Ballerina

Us Dancing Diva ready for our Jazz Hot number - that's me 2nd from the right!

Ballerina ready for Fat Sam number!

Ballerina ready to open the show in Cabaret!

Dancing Divas getting ready - that's me 2nd from the left!

Ballerina and Amanda!

Me and Julie hamming it up!

We had a great night and the concert was fantastic, a real credit to all the lovely girls and boys who dance throughout the year and our wonderful teachers!!

Can't wait for next year!

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