Sunday, December 14, 2008

Dance Christmas Party

We had our dance Christmas party yesterday - loads of fun and great to catch up with everyone. Dancing has finished for the year now, but we have already started our dance for next year, which we have picked up pretty well, for old girls!! Here are some pictures and don't worry it's not your eyes, I think my favourite old camera has finally given up the ghost - all the pics are slightly blurry - and no it wasn't the photographer!!

Karen doing the limbo!

Ballerina doing the limbo!

Some of the divas relaxing!

Miss margot our patient teacher

Ballerina and Chloe - stars!

Me and karen - god look at those wisdom lines!

Me and Ballerina!

The beautiful Ballerina!

Nice hat!

More Divas relaxing!

Ballerina, Chloe and Jaimie - 3 stars!


Miss Margot and me!

Ballerina, Jen and Miss Kathy!

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