Friday, November 17, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #8

Thirteen Things about our SKATERBOY

Today we celebrate our skaterboy finishing school and graduating into the big world. From the second he was born he has brought love, joy and laughter into our lives. As he starts his journey into the great unknown we will share 13 of the many things we love about him.

1. That despite an often crazy world he has learnt to be his own person.

2. He is respectful of himself and others.

3. He still gives his mum a kiss and hug when saying goodbye and hello.

4. He has compassion and tolerance.

5. He is a kind natured person.

6. He is courteous and polite (most of the time).

7. He understands there are consequences for all actions.

8. He laughs alot.

9. He looks out for ballerina.

10. His cheeky grin.

11. He always lets us know where he is.

12. His willingness to share and discuss things with us - honesty.

13. Last but by no means least - he knows we love him - we tell him often - and he tells us that he loves us too.

With all the love in the world we wish you well on your journey. Our support and love will always be there for you. It was with a tear in my eye that I watched you graduate from a high school kid to a young man last night. It only seems like yesterday that you came into this world. We have done our best to guide you and now the rest is up to you!! Stride forward young man - the world is your oyster!!!

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