Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #9

Thirteen Christmas decorations we have in our house

1. Christmas Tree - we have gone for a real Christmas Tree this year - a Norfolk Pine - small but it will grow.
2. Blue baubles and tinsel on our Christmas Tree.
3. Coloured fairy lights strung across the lounge and dining room.
4. Merry Christmas hanging on our wall.
5. Snowflake hanging from the fairy lights.
6. Angel on top of our Christmas Tree.
7. Candy Canes hanging on our Christmas Tree.
8. Flashing Merry Christmas sign on our kitchen bench.
9. A wooden Christmas Tree hanging on our wall painted in blue, red, yellow and white with little tinel decorations glued on it - Ballerina made this a few years ago.
10. 4 Christmas stockings hanging from our TV unit.
11. 5 Lamettas hanging in 5 different door ways.
12. A big gold bell (paper) hanging in the kitchen.
13. Many other Christmassy things dangling from our ceiling in the kitchen, dining room, lounge room and family room.

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