Sunday, October 01, 2006


Well I'm going to give it a go. Although I probably do have some creativity in me I have never considered myself to be creative - in the Arts sense. Ballerina on the other hand is quite creative and loves to do crafty things - she gets it from my Mother - must have skipped a generation.

Anyway my Mum gave Ballerina some scrapbooking material to bring home from Adelaide last week and I've decided we'll give it a whirl.

Most people I talk to, who are in the midst of this scrapbooking for memories craze, seem to be quite addicted to it. I've been told it can be quite expensive. But I have always been fairly creative with my money - so I'm sure we can do it on a budget.

Anyway I will post my creations - don't hold your breath though - it may take a while for the first one!!

Enjoy your day!!

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