Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen reasons why I haven't blogged since 5 October

1. Had a bit of a health scare with Ballerina and had her to a myriad of Drs - thank goodness all is OK!!

2. Hubby has been home from work - actually applying and getting a new job.

3. Spending any spare time with Ballerina and Skaterboy - because I love them.

4. Spending as much time with Hubby while he is home - love him too and he works away.

5. Have been trying to organise our new house - still to be built - in fact still to go to council for approval!!

6. Preparing to move out of this house - a rental - owners want to move back in - aaagh the thought of moving again!!

7. Work has been really busy and have spent much of my loved own time, busy doing work stuff - yuck!!

8. In between it all the housework still needs to be done - any takers??

9. Oh did I mention shopping - the groceries - I always seem to be buying groceries - go figure!!

10. I must admit we have done a little socialising too - priorities!!

11. Skaterboy got a job - so have done a bit of chauffering!!

12. I have caught up on some of my favourite TV shows too - also known as relaxing.

13. Oh yes Ballerina and her dancing has kept me busy too!!!

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