Sunday, January 14, 2007

Exercise - time to get serious

Ok for a few months now I have had the little ticker thingo at the top of my blog counting the kilos I have lost. As some of you may have noticed it has been around 79kgs for a few months. I am quite happy that it has been at 79kgs for a few months as I didn't put any weight on over Christmas - much to my surprise. Anyway, this year (no not a new year resolution) I am getting serious about losing those kilos.

Last week (w/c 8/1/07) I started walking during my lunch time at a walking track near work - and has it been tough getting back into it. There is a public pool right next door to where I work so this week (w/c 15/1/07) I am swimmng each day - just to mix it up a little. I am cutting down on my serving sizes at breakfast, lunch and dinner - my philosophy is that any food can be eaten, just some in moderation. I'm not falling into the trap of denying myself any food that I like, as I will only crave it more. So yes, even chocolate, chips and soft drink will be eaten - just in moderation!!

No I am not exercising for comments - I need to be self motivated and do this for myself, not motivated by others (although any encouragement is welcomed and will be well received). However, good on those who are exercising for comments, if that's the motivation you need then go for it.

I will be weighing myself on the 1st day of every month - and my goal is still to lose the 11kg needed to get my weight down to 68kgs. No time frame - just by the end of the year would be good!!

So I will post a comment on the 1st day of each month letting you know how I am going and what my regime has been.

So to others out there doing the weight loss thing - keep going, you can do it!!

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