Sunday, January 28, 2007

To market to market

This morning Ballerina and myself decided to take a drive to our local produce market. I haven't been to a market for ages, always forgoing fresh produce for the convenience of the supermarket. Well after one visit this morning I am a convert back to the market. The aromas of fresh produce, breads, cakes, flowers, plants and needless to say the money I saved and the wonderful tastes (yes we couldn't wait too long - the sweet watermelon and the little cakes mmmm) has won me back over. So every Sunday morning we shall be making the trek to the market for our fresh fruit and vegies.

Watermelon, sweet corn, strawberries, cakes and flowers!

I didn't get too much as I had done a shop at the local supermarket on Friday, but next week....well I can't wait.

These little cakes looked very cute and Ballerina tells me taste delightful - there were six when we got in the car and only five when we reached home!!!

And beautiful Gerberas one of my most favourite flowers. The gorgeous colours, how can anyone resist!

Enjoy your day.

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