Sunday, March 04, 2007

Another quick house update

The house has been bricked up and the gyprocking has begun:

The front of the house.

Front of the house.

Pergola and pool area.

Looking in to the main bedroom and ensuite.

Looking from the front door up the hallway to the family room.

Looking into the kitchen and family room.

Looking from the kitchen and family room out onto the pergola and pool area.

Looking into the meals area.

So there you have it - we are now well on our way.

Have a happy week.


mar said...

Congrats! the house looks wonderful!
I particularly love your pergola!

Fizzy said...

WOW! you are having a house built for you! That is one of my dreams. It looks wonderful

Heart of Rachel said...

It looks like a huge and beautiful house. I would love all that space. Good luck and hope everything will be finished according to your time frame. Take care!